Take Your Cardio Workout to the MAX with:
 High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT Setting Screen
all agility exercises / drills by groups.
From the developer (who is also a Zigyt user) after a workout:
" Zigyt is HIIT training that will literally take your breath away!"


"... agility training like you've never seen it!"
HIIT for your Sport
Zigyt has over 20 drills beneficial to many sports like:
Don't see your sport? Don't worry. You can likely benefit from several of the drills included.
Agility and HIIT together in One App!
Pick a drill. Set the High/Low interval times, the number of intervals and GO! You'll be pumping oxygen like never before. 
Got 10 min? Then HIIT it!
A HIIT workout can be done in 10 min or less. And research shows it's just as good or better than a longer more moderate workout.
Burn Calories
HIIT will burn off excess calories like never before. And the burn keeps going even after your workout is done!
Do your own thing
Want to do your own drills? Not a problem. Zigyt includes 4 HIIT only timers - no actions called out - so you can do whatever routine you want to.
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Customer Reviews

...Let me make one thing clear: if you use this app properly you will get a solid cardio workout.

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...The instructions how to execute the drills are outstanding... When using the level of 'Difficult' for a drill, I really get an excellent workout.

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I really like it. It works great.

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December 2012 - Zigyt 2.0 is released combining agility training with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in one app.

March 2011 - Zigyt Officially released in Europe and carried in FC Business Magazine.

January 2011 - Zigyt is featured on App Whisperer.

July 2010 - Zigyt listed as "New and Noteworthy" in App Store.

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HIIT Features:
  • 20+ training drills that can all be done in the HIIT style.
  • 3 customizable HIIT timers for your own work out.
  • 1 unique pacing HIIT timer (sounds like a metronome).
  • Settings for High Intensity Interval and Low Intensity Interval (resting). Customizable for each drill.
  • Setting for number of intervals.
  • Elapsed time display.
  • Interval countdown display.
  • Start/Pause/Stop button.