Exercises for Soccer, Tennis, Squash and Many Other Sports:

Agility, Footwork and Plyometrics
Box Drill
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Dot Drill
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Lateral Shuffle
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Super Shuttle


Fan Drill

W Drill

6 Star - squash


5 Star


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Box Drills
In these drills you start in the center of a square and sprint to the corners as they are called out. This is a great agility and conditioning drill for all sports!
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...Let me make one thing clear: if you use this app properly you will get a solid cardio workout.

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...The instructions how to execute the drills are outstanding... When using the level of 'Difficult' for a drill, I really get an excellent workout.

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I really like it. It works great.

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December 2012 - Zigyt 2.0 is released combining agility training with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in one app.

March 2011 - Zigyt Officially released in Europe and carried in FC Business Magazine.

January 2011 - Zigyt is featured on App Whisperer.

July 2010 - Zigyt listed as "New and Noteworthy" in App Store.

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Lateral Shuffles
A simple side to side motion but harder than it looks. Great for sports that have a lot of side to side motion and for general conditioning of the legs, knees and core. Zigyt has drills for both basic, predictable shuffles and random shuffles.

Super Shuttle
A great drill that combines sprinting, backpedaling and shuffling. Primarily a soccer drill, there's no reason why this drill couldn't help anyone in a sport or activity where there is rapid movement in multiple directions (like hockey, for example). Zigyt builds on this drill by providing two challenging random versions.

Great exercise for your legs and butt. In these drills, the lunge has been incorporated into a continuous motion and includes a drill made up of random lunges in six directions. Great for overall fitness and sports where you have to, uh, lunge a lot.

Dot Drills
Dot drills are a form of plyometric exercise which feature fast explosive movements. In these drills, you hop from dot to dot. Drills are made more challengining when keeping feet together and adding in random actions.

Five Star Drills
Another drill that combines sprinting, backpedaling and shuffling. Fairly easy in its basic form, Zigyt adds a challenge by providing a random version.

Tennis Specific Drills
Fan Drill - Great drill for moving around the tennis court. Zigyt adds a random version of the drill.
W-Drill - Great drill for moving around the tennis court. Zigyt adds a random version of the drill.

Squash Specific Drills
Excellent drill for moving around the squash court; front, back and sides. Zigyt provides two variations of the drill, both random. One gives you enough time to get back to the T, the other not so much.